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Grow Your Church or Ministry with Engiven and Tithe.ly

Engiven’s team is a group like-minded, incredibly talented technologists, designers, communicators, educators and philanthropists. We believe that cryptocurrency can be simultaneously decentralized and fully regulated. We also believe that while much of cryptocurrency’s past has been shrouded in opacity and used for negative purposes, we are called to make it transparent and use it for good.

To that end, Engiven has initiated the process with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to qualify our Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of our ENGV Token. After the ICO, Engiven’s goal is to give more than $1 billion is USD value back to the global nonprofit community.

Engiven’s founders have a life-long passion to live at the intersection of technology and doing good. With a diverse set of skills, James & Matt have collaborated on numerous companies and a wide range of technology products. Most recently they jointly developed Mogiv, an early to market online giving application which was acquired in 2016. Now, with the emergence of blockchain-based technologies, they have developed Engiven, the first platform that enables any nonprofit or NGO to receive cryptocurrency donations.

Engiven is, in many ways, the culmination of their experiences and passions as entrepreneurs and leaders in the nonprofit space. Their objectives with Engiven are straightforward:

  • To become one of the first SEC Regulation A qualified cryptocurrency tokens
  • To become the top global cryptocurrency giving platform
  • To give away more than $1 billion USD of ENGV tokens to the global nonprofit community