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Grow Your Giving with MortarStone and Tithe.ly

MortarStone provides advanced giving analytics that allow you to quickly view, understand, and assess the health of your church through easy-to-use dashboards and reporting features. With over 40 intelligently designed reports and filtering capabilities, you can identify giving opportunities to increase giving and grow attendance. The insights you gain through using MortarStone can help you develop a realistic picture of current church giving and a better plan for future ministry goals.

  • First Time Givers
  • Lapsed Givers
  • Regular / Recurring Givers
  • Financial Leaders / Top Givers
  • Capital Campaigns & Giving Initiatives
  • Campus Giving & Unlimited Funds
  • Individual Giving Households
  • Increases and Decreases in Giving
  • And, much more!  

MortarStone seamlessly provides you with the analytics your leadership needs to make informed decisions. MortarStone churches, on average, see a 10% increase in giving in just one year.  

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