Online Giving

Pledge Campaigns for Churches

Accept and manage pledges from your donors, so you can better plan your budget or raise funds for building campaigns and other fundraisers.


Raise funds. Plan ahead. Meet your long term goals.

Pledge Campaigns allow donors to commit to a long term goal, making them a great way to increase giving at your church, or plan ahead for a big expenditure.

Your budget simplified

Foster commitment and grow generosity with a pledge campaign tool designed for a seamless donor and admin experience.
Legally-binding transmissions

Set approachable giving goals

By creating generosity goals around specific funds through a pledge campaign, your church can better forecast and budget for the future. Plus, you inspire donors to help fulfill the mission of the church in a way that teaches the power of consistent generosity.

Legally-binding transmissions

Easily track progress

Using the Pledge Summary, donors can view a progress bar to see how much has been given towards their goal and how much is left. Admins have visibility into individual pledgers as well as overall donations against goals created for the campaign.

Legally-binding transmissions

Access real-time updates

As donors fill in pledge details and move towards their goal, these gifts are updated in real time. This ensures progress stays current whether they’re watching recurring gifts impact their pledge or adding a custom gift to help them reach their goal faster.

Legally-binding transmissions

Put your pledges front and center

Get the word out about your pledge campaign to encourage more people to join. Place the pledge widget directly on your website and share it on social media along with anywhere else you communicate with your people.

Giving Insights NEW

In addition to great reports, you’ll have access to a Giving Dashboard full of insights and analytics giving you a birds eye view of the health and growth of your church.


2.9% + $0.30 / transaction

Get started for free.

No setup fee. No monthly fee. No contract. No credit card required!

No credit card required. Cancel anytime.

Even more impactful pledge features

A world of functionality awaits you.
In-depth reports

Email updates

Opt to receive daily or weekly email updates on your pledge progress to ensure it’s staying on track and you’re always in-the-know.

Daily deposits

Identify at-risk pledgers

View which pledgers are at risk of not reaching their goals and easily take action whether that’s to call, email, or text a follow up.

Daily deposits

Donor management

Pledgers can edit, skip, or change their pledge amount, as well as give custom amounts as they work towards their goal.

Cash/check recording

Flexible donation frequency

Pledgers can choose to have their donation automatically deducted every week, bi-weekly, monthly, or the 1st and 15th of every month.

Auto recurring giving

Pledge statuses

Easily manage your pledge campaign by moving through the different statuses like setting a date range and going live to begin accepting gifts.

Cover the Fees

Mobile friendly

Provide an attractive and easy-to-navigate user experience for those viewing and managing pledges via their mobile device.

Text giving

Custom set up

Enter the campaign’s preliminary details, customize the branding and styling, choose notification types, and select fields for pledgers to fill out.


Campaign analytics

From the Giving Dashboard, check out insights and keep watch over your campaigns in an easy-to-view format.


Admin gift entry

Easily enter credit, debit, and ACH gifts to be processed or record cash and check donations.


Multi-gift / designations

Members can give to multiple funds in one transaction, saving money and time.


Multi-campus configuration

Add as many campuses as you need and have funds deposited into different accounts.


Custom statement descriptors

Make sure donors know their gift went to you by customizing what they see on their statements.

No credit card required. Cancel anytime.

Grow Giving with Tithely!

Giving to your church should be meaningful, simple and fast. That’s why Tithely built a complete set of digital giving tools for your church. Download our product guide to see all the many ways we can help!

Pledge Campaigns FAQ

What if a gift is made to the fund associated with a campaign?

Any donation given towards the fund associated with a campaign will be factored into an individual donor's pledge, as well as the overall pledge goal.

Can I preview my campaign?

To preview your campaign, copy and paste the campaign URL into a new tab, and click refresh to view any changes made to your campaign.

Does work outside the U.S.A?

Yes! supports churches in the the United States (US), Canada, Australia, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom (UK), and New Zealand. And we’ve got more coming your way soon!

Can I issue donor tax statements?

Yes! It’s easy to generate elegant donor statements for any date range. You can save some money and deliver them by email or print them for mailing.

Does support fund accounting?

Yes. Every dollar taken in through (whether it’s online, or via a physical batch of checks and cash) is allocated to a fund so that you can easily do fund accounting. We even produce bank deposit reports that include fund level detail and aggregate information for easy reconciliation.

Can I easily issue refunds?

Yes, with a simple click of a button from your admin panel.

Do people get a receipt?

Absolutely! As soon as someone gives via they instantly receive an email with the details of their transaction. All giving history for each member is also tracked and available within the mobile app, giving your members instant access to check their records. Note: Confirmation emails sent by, should only be used for tax purposes if the email meets the tax requirements of the country your church resides in.

How often are funds deposited?

The short / simple answer is that we deposit funds directly into your bank account every day with a two day lag. Meaning, funds raised on Sunday hit your bank account on Tuesday. To learn more, check out our knowledge-base article on deposits.

How much does it cost to use

There are no contracts, no up-front fees, no PCI or security fees, and no hidden fees of any kind. You simply pay 2.9% + 0.30 per credit/debit card transaction or 1% + 0.30 per ACH/Bank transaction. For example, $100 donation (less the credit/debit card fees) = $96.80 deposited into your bank account. Text giving is an additional $19 a month.