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The + Planning Center Giving integration has been designed to allow transaction and contact information to sync between and Planning Center Giving.

How does it work?

The + PCO Integration works behind the scenes to make the data integration experience seamless to donors and church admins. Once enabled, handles everything automatically.

When the + PCO integration has been enabled, people that give using will be matched to existing people records in PCO if the individual already exists, or if it's a new giver, will create that person in PCO.

  • Existing people in PCO: As donations come in, for each giver coming from, will look for an existing person in PCO by searching for their name, email address or mobile number. If we find a match, will merge the details from with the details already in PCO. Once this has been done for the first time, the integration will keep records up to date.
  • New people: If an existing person cannot be found in PCO, a new person will be created in PCO automatically using the details from You can even verify if creates a new person by reviewing the Activity tab on the person's profile. Once a person has been created by in PCO or sync'd with an existing PCO individual, the integration will permanantly keep those two records connected.

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