10 Church Giving Data Points that will Change the Way You think About Giving & Generosity | Tithe.ly
Church financial giving trends and insights based on giving data from thousands of churches. Use this church giving research to dream up new ways to teach the biblical principles of giving and generosity as well as to benchmark your church against thousands of others. Understand key elements of successful giving programs, stop the summer giving slump, and make giving easier for you members.
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Church Giving Research, Findings, and Big Data Analysis that can help your church increase giving.

10 Surprising Church Giving Facts that You Absolutely Need to Know

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Brought to you by Tithe.ly, the leader in online, mobile, and text giving for churches. In the first-of-its-kind analysis, the Tithe.ly Church Giving Data shown below leverage Tithe.ly’s vast amount of church giving data from nearly 2,000 churches and multiple millions of dollars in total fundraising from the past 24 months. Our heart and belief is that this data and analysis will help inform giving strategies across the faith-based sector for years to come.

10 Church Giving Facts You Need to Know - INFOGRAPHIC by Tithe.ly

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1) Digital Giving by Month

The Church Giving Summer Slump is a Myth

2) Digital Giving by Day of Month

Church Giving Stats by Day of Month

3) Digital Giving by Day of Week

Church Giving Stats by Day of Week

4) Digital Giving by Hour of Day

Church Digital Giving Data by Hour of Day

5) Digital Giving by Source

Church Giving Data by Source - Mobile - Text - Web

6) Digital Giving by Gift Size

Church Giving Data by Average Gift Size

7) Recurring vs. One-time Digital Giving

Church Giving Data by Auto Recurring Giving %

8) Digital Giving by Occasional vs. Consistent Givers

Church Giving Data by Tithe & Consistency

9) Digital Giving by Method

Church Giving Data by Payment Type

10) Digital Giving by Card Type

Church Giving by Card Brand Volume - VISA

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Church Giving by Tithe.ly

10 Church Giving Facts You Need to Know

10 Church Giving Facts You Absolutely Must Know - Research by Tithe.ly

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