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Looking for a text to give church app? Tithe.ly is a free text donation tool that allows people to give quickly & securely to your church. ✓ Try it free today!
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Text Giving for Churches by Tithe.ly.

The fastest way for people to support the mission and vision of your church! Text to give church fundraising is the most simple and convenient way for people to give from their mobile device. Try text to give today!


No contract. Cancel any time. $19/mo after trial.

Text giving (aka text-2-give) in the church is hands down the easiest and most secure way to give. Ever! If someone knows how to send a text message, they can give to your church.

90% of the world’s population can send and receive text messages, with most being read within seconds of receiving. Text to donate improves engagement with donors by allowing them to easily give from wherever they are at any time of the day!

Not to be confused with the old school mobile phone carrier based text-to-give, Tithe.ly text giving is lightyears better! Once you have your dedicated church giving number, anyone can give in seconds right from their smart or dumb phone! They don’t even need to be physically attending a service or church event.

Unlike most providers, Tithe.ly text to give for churches settles donations directly to your checking account, gives you access to all your giving/giver data, and costs tons less than carrier based text-to-give.

Once you have your unique Tithe.ly church text to give number all you have to do is educate your congregation by putting it up during a service, passing out the “giving posts cards” we send you, and putting it in your newsletter/bulletin.

It works so well that we’ve seen churches sign-up on a Thursday or Friday, tell their church about it on Sunday morning during service, and raise thousands immediately.

Start receiving donations the second you sign up for Tithe.ly Text to Give for Churches!

Text Giving
Free 30 Day Trial

  • Get a unique giving number in USA, Canada, or Australia.
  • Enable frictionless 1-click giving.
  • Accept donations of any size.
  • Keep 100% of your donor data.
  • Break free from cell phone carrier fees of 20-40%.
  • Receive automatic bank deposits into your account every 24-48 hours.
  • Enable simple recurring giving.
  • Unlimited Funds & Designations.
  • Multi-campus support.
  • ChMS integration.

  • US

  • CA

  • AU

  • UK (soon)

Try text-to-give free for 30 days at your church. We know that your members, visitors and other supporters will love giving this way!

How Text Giving Works

Giving by text is as simple as sending a text message to a friend!

Step 1

Text Giving by Tithe.ly - Getting Started

Your donors can now easily give at any time with one simple click. They start the process by texting “GIVE” to your dedicated 10-digit giving phone number.

Step 2

Text Giving by Tithe.ly - Signup

Next, your donors quickly fill out their giving information and credit/debit card or ACH details. Once complete, the information is securely saved for all future gifts.

Step 3

Text Giving by Tithe.ly - Confirmation

After the filling in their giving information and their first gift is made, your supporter is thanked, sent a text message and an email with the gift receipt included on your behalf.

Step 4

Text Giving by Tithe.ly - You're Set

Now, your donors can easily give at any time by texting a simple number (eg. 250) and hitting send!

Churches Love Text Giving


No contract. Cancel any time. $19/mo after trial.

Frequently Asked Questions

We hope to answer any question you can come up with through our FAQ’s, but if for some reason you’re not finding what you need, feel free to email (hello@tithe.ly) or call us at (424) 279-3361.

What is text giving?

Text giving is the fastest and most convenient way for people to give to your church. It allows you to meet your members and guests in the moment they feel called to give and enables them to give via sending a text message — something people are very familiar with. You put your 10-digit phone number on screen, people text “Give” to that number to set up their account. Once their account is setup they simply need to text a number (eg. 100) and their gift has been made! True in text giving that takes under five seconds to complete. Givers will immediately receive a text back thanking them for their gift as well as an email confirmation for their records.

How do I sign my church up for text-to-give?

Simply complete the form by clicking here. You’ll have your unique text number and be able to take gifts the second you complete the online signup. Someone from the Tithe.ly team will be in touch shortly thereafter to share a few useful resources for launching the new way of giving to your church.

How much does text giving cost?

There are no contracts, no up front fees, no PCI or security fees, and no other hidden fees of any other kind. You simply pay 2.9% + 0.30c per transaction and $19 per month after the free 30 day trial.

Is text giving secure?

All financial information is encrypted and stored by our banking partner to PCI DSS Level 1 compliant standards. PCI DSS Level 1 compliance is a set of rules stated by credit card companies and audited by an independent third party. It is the highest possible rating one can get in the electronic payment processing industry.

How long does it take to launch?

You get your unique text giving number immediately and can start receiving gifts via the number right after you complete the online signup process. So, the faster you sign up, the faster you can launch!

Do I need a new merchant account?

Nope! Tithe.ly provides an end-to-end solution. All gifts are tracked through the Tithe.ly dashboard and deposits go directly into your bank account.

How do I get people using text giving?

We’ll send you a few slides, a giving post card, and a video that all have your church text giving number on them. The best way to launch is to put the slide up during your church service so people can see the text giving number while you talk about the new way of giving. You can also show the short video that we provide people to quickly give them a sense of how easy it is to use. Beyond that:

– Send and email.
– Put a note in your weekly bulletin.
– Create a page on your website.
– Send a personal letter to your biggest givers.

The better your members are educated to use tithe.ly the more opportunity you have to increase giving. Churches that fully implement tithe.ly typically see up to a 20% increase in giving.

How do people give via text giving?

Tithe.ly will assign your church an unique 10-digit telephone phone number that is dedicated to your church. To give through text, your members and visitors follow these 2 simple steps:

  • Text the word “Give” to your church’s assigned text giving number to create their account. This ONLY happens the first time through.
  • After they’ve created their account they can text the amount of their gift (e.g. 25, 50, 100, etc) and their donation is complete!

You can also text things like “25 tithe weekly” to setup a weekly recurring gift that’s designated to the tithe fund or “500 buildingfund” to make a gift to the building fund.

Can people designate giving to funds?

Yes. With Tithe.ly text giving you can create as many funds/designations as you need (eg. missions, building fund, weekly contribution, etc). Then folks can text “50 tithe” or “100 building” to your unique giving number to designate their gift to that specific fund, making it very simple for them to be sure their generosity goes to the place they are most passionate about.

Can I integrate with my church mgmt system?

Tithe.ly currently integrates with Church Community Builder, Breeze, and Elvanto ChMS and we’re working on direct integrations with many more. Fellowship One, Shelby, Arena, and ACS are on our list and will be live soon. Additionally, we offer a very simple ways to export your data in a format that easily imports into any ChMS that we don’t have a have direct integration.

Can I integrate with my church's mobile app?

Yes! Tithe.ly can integrate directly into your church’s existing mobile app (eg. The Church App, PocketPew, ApolloApp, etc) so that your members don’t have to use multiple apps to interact.

Can we track giving across church campuses?

Yes. With Tithe.ly you can easily track giving for multiple campuses within a single account by assigning each campus its own unique text-to-give number. Tithe.ly will also support multi-campus setup in popular ChMS platforms like Church Community Builder, Breeze, Elvanto, and other church software.

Do people get a receipt?

Absolutely! As soon as someone gives via Tithe.ly they instantly receive an email with the details of their transaction. All giving history for each member is also tracked and available within the mobile app, giving your members instant access to check their records.

Can I easily issue refunds?

Yes! People can text “refund” in right after their gift to refund it in case they made a mistake or you can issue refunds from the admin panel with the click of a button.


No contract. Cancel any time. $19/mo after trial.