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Want a mobile donations app & giving platform? is an all-in-one mobile giving app that allows people to give to your church. ✓ Click to Try it!
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Increase giving by going mobile!

Mobile Giving App for Your Church

The mobile giving app is the fastest and most secure way for members to give tithes and offerings to support the Church!  Increase tithes and offerings by introducing a simple to use mobile donation experience that engages new and existing givers.

Signup in minutes!. No contracts. No monthly fees.

We have been using for over a year now and my only regret is that our church didn’t start using this revolutionary technology sooner. Our digital giving exploded and our members love giving with such a simple app whenever they want.

C3 Churches Love Tithe.lyLorn Tebbut, Lead Pastor at C3 Church Calgary

The Complete Digital Giving Solution for Churches and Ministries

We believe giving to your local church should be Meaningful, Simple, and Fast. That’s why we built a comprehensive suite of digital giving tools for your church. gives you native mobile giving for Android and iOS, true text-to-give, web giving for your website, admin gift entry, and the ability to turn any tablet into a mobile kiosk.

Support for the United States, Canada, and Australia with UK and Singapore coming soon. Credit, Debit, and ACH Accepted.

See full list of featrues   


Signup in minutes! No obligations. No contracts.

Secure by design

All giving and transactions are process through a Level 1 PCI-DSS compliant digital platform. Card details are tokenized, stored, and encrypted on industrial grade servers. You’re getting security that’s on par with leading financial services.

Giving your way

Credit, Debit, and ACH Accepted! We believe giving to your local church should be Meaningful, Simple, and Fast. That’s why we built a comprehensive suite of digital giving tools for your church.


Speedy deposits

Fast, predictable deposits. Once you’re set up, deposits arrive in your bank account on a 2-day rolling basis after an initial 7-day hold. Or you can opt to receive transfers weekly or monthly.

International works in the United States (US), Canada, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom (UK). More countries coming in 2017!


We saw giving increase the very first month we started using Allowing members to give from their mobile devices is huge and the the automated recurring giving feature has been very well received. We’re nearing 10% of or gifts being done via automated recurring giving.

HOPE UNITED Church LA Loves Tithe.lyBarry Crocker, Sr. Pastor at Hope United

1-tap mobile giving

Traditionally, giving on phones and tablets can be frustrating. Nobody likes poking at their screens to type long card numbers, addresses, and other unnecessary information. enables your members save their details and give with a single tap right from their mobile device. Once they have an account they can give through the mobile app, on your website, or through a text message!

Give with 1-tap on your iPhone or Android phone. You won’t find a more simple and effortless giving app on the market!

Give in 1-tap on your iPhone

Make it simple for people to support the vision and missing through’s mobile giving app for churches.

Built for churches and ministries, the iOS & Android native mobile giving app enables your church to give securely from any where at any time with 1-click. Take donations or event registration, support missions or camp signup, and much more through the Mobile Church Giving App.

  • Give one-time with or without an account.
  • Schedule automated giving (weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, etc).
  • View giving history.
  • Manage account and payment information.
  • Allowing giving with a bank account, debit or credit card.
  • Give people the option to "cover the fees" to support the church.
  • Customize the options people can give to (Tithe, offering, missions, building fund, church plant, and more.

I love so much because even if I can’t make it to church, I can still cheerfully give what the Lord has commanded me. I hope you’ll use this awesome tool, Four Points family, as a way to give no matter what the location or weather. ‪#‎nomoreexcuses‬ ‪#‎ilovemychurch‬

Four Points Fellowship Loves Tithe.lyJimmy Atkins, Sr. Pastor at Four Points

Packed with the church giving features you need. was born mobile first. From text-to-give to our mobile giving app, everything has been built for the mobile generation!

Auto Recurring Giving

Donors easily set up recurring giving either weekly or monthly with one click. Improves giving consistency.

Fund designations

Customize the giving funds like Tithe, Offering or even Men's Conference Registration.

Customized email confirmations

Easily customize your gift confirmation email branding and copy.

Instant email receipts

Donors instantly receive an email receipt with amount given and to what fund they gave.

Cover the Fees™!

Allow those giving to increase their gift by enough to cover the fees.

Instant ACH™

Login using your online banking credentials! No more account and routing numbers.


Allow donors to give in 3 seconds or less with just 1-tap using QuickGive™

Daily or weekly funds transfer

Choose to have funds deposited daily or weekly into your designated bank account.

True in Text Giving

Text-to-give done right! Simply text a number (eg. 100) and your generous contribution has been made.

Weekly giving reminders

iPhone users get weekly giving reminder great for holiday and weather affected weekends.

Lifetime gift tracking

Donors have access to all their giving history for easy accounting.

Give without an account

A safe and secure public area solution. Great for one time gifts via iPad Kiosk in your church's lobby or small group.

ChMS integration

Integrates into some of the most popular ChMS like Elvanto, Breeze, CCB with more coming.

Admin gift entry

Easily enter large quantities and process with one click. Auto populates previous donor info.

Transaction detail & reporting

Access and download .csv file of all transactions for export into accounting or ChMS.

Custom statement descriptor

Make sure donors know their gift went to you by customizing what they see on their credit card statements.

Multi-gift / designations

Members can give to multiple funds in one transaction saving money and time.

Multi-Campus Configuration

Create another church for members to give to and even deposit into different bank accounts. Deposit Reports Deposit Report Detail Gift Reports

Track Bank Deposits, Reconcile Giving and Easily Integrate Accounting Tools.

Accounting and bank reconciliation should be simple, but all to often they’re not. In order to change that, we’ve gone to great lengths to spend time understanding exactly what churches, ministries, and non-profits need to effectively and efficiently manage their finances.

  • Review every gift/transaction that comes through
  • Search gifts/transactions by name and email
  • View summary deposit reports including gross raised, fees, net deposited and break out by fund
  • See detailed deposit information including all gifts/transactions included in each deposit

Making the switch to was a no brainer. They’ve given us the ability to reach todays mobile culture while saving us over $5,000 a year in cost over our previous provider!

Crosspoint Church Loves Tithe.lyKevin Beehner, Executive Pastor at CrossPoint Alliance

Create Your Account in Minutes and Start Taking Donations Immediately.

We’re obsessed with making things simple. We’ve taken the friction and complexity out of everything from the way people give to the way you signup your church, ministry or nonprofit to use

What you get:

  • A proven track record
    and reputation
  • 5 ways to give packed
    into one solution
  • Ultra fast signup
    in 5 minutes
  • Ability to start taking
    donations instantly
  • 1:1 time with a launch
    pro (aka. real human being)
  • Fantastic ongoing support

Don't worry about:

  • Creating a new
    merchant account
  • Signing a complicated
    and lengthy contract
  • Committing to a year
    or more of services
  • Paying a setup, upfront,
    or hidden fee
  • Agreeing to hit a monthly
    giving minimum raised
  • Not being able to talk
    to a real human being

Signup in minutes! No obligations. No contracts.

Switching to from our previous online giving tool was an easy decision and conversion. Since moving to, we’ve noticed giving go up and the tools have made us more efficient & effective. Thank you guys for making this easy on us and also our givers!

REFUGE CHURCH Loves Tithe.lyBee Vang, Operations/Treasurer at Refuge

Simple pricing that scales with you.

Pay As You Go

per successful card charge
  • No setup, monthly (unless you add text giving) or yearly fees.
  • No hidden fees, no storage fees. No PCI fees. No monthly minimums.
  • No refund costs. If you issue a refund, we return it all.
  • No contracts of any sort. No cancelation fees. No risk at all!
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Large Church or Ministry offers everything you need to roll out digital giving at scale. Get in touch for details.
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Signup in minutes! No obligations. No contracts.

Our church loves the digital giving services provides! Thank God for their creativity and ongoing support of The Upperroom Bible Church!

The Upperroom Bible Church Loves Tithe.lyDr. Herbert H. Rowe, Lead Pastor at The Upperroom Bible has been featured on both Christian and secular publications.