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#GIVINGTUESDAY: Toolkit for Churches

#GIVINGTUESDAY is a movement of generosity sweeping the globe — and your community.
Jesse Wisnewski
Marketing Director

Don’t miss out on this year’s #GIVINGTUESDAY.

#GivingTuesday is a movement of generosity sweeping the globe––and your community.

But many pastors (like you?), don't know how to get involved in this global day of giving. It comes and goes, and you tell yourself that you'll get involved next year.

Now is your time to get started.

In partnership with Generis––a church and non-profit fundraising leader––we're offering a free #GivingTuesday toolkit that you can use to inspire your church to give.

In this toolkit, you’ll learn:

  • The 5-reasons why your church should join this giving movement
  • 3 simple steps to creating a promotional campaign The must-have technology for compelling people to give
  • 3 storytelling tips to capture the heart of donors
  • 2 easy ways to turn first-time givers into recurring givers

Don't miss out on this years #GivingTuesday