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Pastor, are these questions
keeping you awake at night?
Let’s Face It.
Church finances can be a regular source of stress. Many churches just get by Sunday to Sunday. Other churches can’t cover their expenses. And some churches will exceed their budgets while launching new ministry initiatives and campaigns.
What do these churches do differently?
Is there a magical formula they possess?
Well, not exactly.

At Tithe.ly, we have worked with thousands of churches around the world who have increased their giving by 165% in two years. This is true of churches of every size and location—rural, urban, suburban, big, and small.

This is why we’re launching The Generosity Workshop—to share with you the practical lessons we’ve learned while helping over 13,000 churches and ministries grow their giving. This workshop is a half-day event for church leaders from churches of all shapes and sizes.
During this workshop you will Discover
Don’t settle for financial stress or getting by week to week. God will provide you with the financial resources your church needs to fulfill his call. Learn how at The Generosity Workshop.
The 4 building blocks for giving every church must have in place
2 quick (and essential) steps for turning non-givers into givers
The 4 “must-have technologies” for growing giving today
2 fast ways for leading irregular givers into regular givers
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Practical sessions from the team at Tithe.ly
Dean Sweetman
CEO of Tithe.ly
Frank Barry
COO of Tithe.ly
Shirin Fletcher
Customer Success Team Manager at Tithe.ly
Jesse Wisnewski
Marketing Manager at Tithe.ly
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March 4
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