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Executive Team

Dean Sweetman


Frank Barry


Steve Klein


Ben Sinclair


Jesse Wisnewski

Marketing Manager

Jake Tacher

Sales Manager

Addie Anaya

Customer Support Manager

Shirin Fletcher

Customer Success Manager

Kirsten Crocker

Office Administrator

Adam Barry

Core Program Project Manager

Daniel Irmler

Director Communications Product Management

Full Team

Brad Phillips

Core Technical Director

Anna Navarro

Customer Success Manager

Drew Tacher

Sales Executive

Carleigh Weaver

Technical Services Team Lead

Russell Kirkpatrick

Sales Executive

Tim Schifsky

Customer Success Manager

Dani Lazas

Customer Success Manager

Donnie Richards

Customer Success Manager

Cory Wadstrom

Account Executive

Jordan Snyder

Customer Success Manager

Charlie Jackman

Director of Brand

Krissy Czosnowski

Customer Success Manager


Core Jr. Back End Engineer

Caroline Mitchell

Marketing Coordinator

John Holtkamp

Technical Director Apps

Josh Walker

Core Snr. Front End Engineer

Preston Crawford

Data Migration Lead

Andrew Dalamba

Account Executive

Julia Rhodes

Jr. Support Representative

Nick Markham

Sales Executive

Brett Bronder

Sales Executive

Kim Roush

Customer Success Manager

Eric Bryant

Implementations Team Lead


Nicholas Petersen

Apps Snr. Engineer

Mark Rhodes

Support Rep and Technical Writer

David Dalbey

Core Backend Engineer

Tyler Viers

Church Apps Support Specialist

Blake Hudson

Church App Builder

Brittany Shackleford

Social Media Specialist

Chelsea Crumpler

Customer Success Manager

Matt Morrison Sites Director

Paul Maxwell

Content Strategist

Andy Meza

Digital Marketing Specialist

Blake Richardson

Technical Services Team

Mike Ostrom

Sales Executive

Sam Bonner

Customer Success Manager

Charlie Piehler

Sales Executive

Tyler Shackleford

Account Executive

David Fletcher

Sales Executive