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Year-End Giving Playbook: 9 Ready-to-Use Templates

Use these pre-written templates to make your year-end giving campaign the best its ever been.
Andy Meza

Year-End giving can make or break your church’s budget. 

In December, nearly 20% of all charitable donations are made, and 12% of all giving takes place the last three days of the year. 

People are more inclined  to give as the year comes to an end. But end of year donations will not magically appear in your church. 

You have to be purposeful and make it easy for people to give.

Now is the time to get ready. 

In the Year-End Giving Playbook, we will provide you with EVERYTHING you need to maximize year-end giving at your church.

Here’s what’s included:

✅ Pre-written email templates

✅ Pre-written text messages

✅ Push notifications to send through your app

✅ Landing page checklist & examples

✅ Sermon illustrations

✅ Responsive readings 

✅ Sermon outline templates

✅ Social media posts

✅ Church offering talks

With the Year-End Giving Playbook, you can create a successful end of year campaign at your church.