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Church Job Descriptions: 9 Ready-to-Use Templates

Attract better candidates, simplify hiring, and save time with these ready-to-use church job descriptions.
Paul Maxwell

Churches know better than anyone else: A bad hire could ruin your church.

Hiring the wrong person is easy to do.

Write a bad church job description?

Get the wrong candidates to interview for the job.

Fumble the hiring process?

A bad hire will sneak through the cracks.

But here’s the good news:

You can hire the right person—and he or she could transform your church’s legacy forever.

To help you find and call the right person, we created this guide with tips on how to streamline your hiring process and write clear job descriptions.

Inside you will discover:

* 9 pre-written job descriptions for the most popular roles

* The 5 best practices for hiring

* Why hiring someone is about partnering with God