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220 Pre-written Text Messages for Every Church Occasion

Save time for ministry and increase engagement using these plug-and-play text message templates!

When it comes to communicating with your church members and guests, text message is king.

While the average open rate for email is about 22%, the average open rate for a text message is a whopping 97%.

This leaves text messaging as the perfect form of communication that will allow your church to easily share event details, updates, reminders, service info, and more with members and guests.

But writing a clear, short text message that includes all necessary info is easier said than done.

We understand it takes time to write and plan text messages to send to your church members and guests.

Time that may not always be available when you’re balancing several tasks. This is why we’ve created this resource of pre-written text message templates for your church to use for every occasion.

In this resource you’ll find:

✅ 220 pre-written text messages for your church to use for every occasion

✅ How to effectively use text messages within your church

✅ Tips for using text messages when communicating with members and guests

Save time and effort with plug-and-play text messages that are proven to boost engagement at your church.

Get 220 Pre-Written Text Message Templates today!