Online Giving & Donations for Your Church

A complete giving system that will increase tithes and offerings by making online giving for your church simple while also allowing members to donate directly from your church website.

Online Giving tools that are packed with the features you need to make giving a delight.

Including a church online giving form that's simple to use and keeps  church donors making donations online right from your church website.

Powerful admin features

All six ways to give are packed into one easy-to-use and highly secure platform that has been tailor-made for churches and ministries.
Legally-binding transmissions

Cash and check gift entry

Passing the plate to collect checks and cash gifts is still the most common way of giving to the local church. Leverage cash and check gift entry tools so you can track your online and offline giving in one consolidated system.

Legally-binding transmissions

Gift and deposit reporting admin reporting tools make it easy for you and your staff to see each and every gift, registration, or payment, as well as detailed deposit reporting for every deposit we make into your bank account.  

Legally-binding transmissions

Weekly / monthly summary reporting admin tools make it simple for you to produce giving summary reports that can be easily shared. Giving summary reports are great for tracking giving against weekly budget or fundraising toward building funds, capitol campaigns, and any other fundraising effort.

Legally-binding transmissions

Tax receipting

Easily create monthly, quarterly, or yearly tax receipts that your members can use when filing their taxes. Simply select the date range you want and the system will produce an individual receipt for each donor showing their consolidated giving information.

Quickbooks Logo

Seamless Quickbooks Integration NEW

QuickBooks is a household name for churches who use it for financial reporting and bookkeeping. At, you can easily sync your church’s account with your QuickBooks Online account. This will save you time transferring information, and ensure your church’s financial records are precise.


2.9% + $0.30 / transaction

Get started for free.

No setup fee. No monthly fee. No contract. No credit card required!

No credit card required. Cancel anytime.

Explore more features

A world of functionality awaits you.
Daily deposits

Instant email Receipts

Donors instantly receive an email receipt with amount given and to which fund they gave.

Daily deposits

Full designations

Customize funds to meet your needs. For example: "Tithe," "Offering," or even "Men's Conference Registration".

In-depth reports

Customized email confirmations

Easily customize your gift confirmation email with branding and messaging.

Cash/check recording

Instant ACH™

Login using your online banking credentials! No more account and routing numbers.

Auto recurring giving

ChMS integrations

Connect with the most popular church mgmt. systems like Elvanto, CCB, Breeze, Shelby, ROCK RMS, and more.

Cover the Fees

Lifetime gift tracking

Give donors access to their giving history for easy accounting and year end tax reporting.

Text giving

Weekly giving reminders

iPhone users get weekly giving reminders. Great for holiday and weather-affected weekends.


No account needed

Allow giving without creating an account. Great for one-time gifts in your church's lobby or for use in small group settings.


Admin gift entry

Easily enter credit, debit, and ACH gifts to be processed or record cash and check donations.


Multi-gift / designations

Members can give to multiple funds in one transaction, saving money and time.


Multi-campus configuration

Add as many campuses as you need and have funds deposited into different accounts.


Custom statement descriptors

Make sure donors know their gift went to you by customizing what they see on their statements.

No credit card required. Cancel anytime.

Unleash generosity.

Download this free guide today. It's packed with useful information on all things mobile giving. You'll find answers to all your questions and gain knowledge about things you didn't even think you needed know.

Online Giving FAQ

What is online giving?
Close offers a complete giving system that will increase tithes and offerings by making online giving for your church simple while also allowing members to donate directly from your church website.

Simply implement a giving button on your website and start collecting online donations within minutes.

Why do I need online giving?

Built for churches and ministries, the online giving platform enables your church to receive donations and contributions securely from anywhere, at any time. Accept donations or event registration, support missions or camp signup, and much more through your church website.

Add your church online giving form anywhere your donors are: your website, partner or ministry sites, and beyond. The result? Donors and parishioners give more! will even help you set up online giving for your church.

How do I implement online giving on my website?

Adding online giving to your website is simple, fast, and highly effective as members will be able to give directly from your website no matter where they are in the world.

Once you’re signed up (which only takes a few minutes) you’ll be able to copy and paste some simple HTML code to add to your website. Whether you use Wordpress, Wix, The Church Co, Square Space, or Sites, you’ll be able to add the Give button to any website no matter what it’s built with. 

You can also link directly to your custom giving URL which is also provided with your account. For more information on how to add to your website, visit our knowledge base.

Do I need a Site to offer online giving?

While Sites is the best church website builder you can use to create a high-quality site in minutes, you can add online giving with to any website, no matter what it’s built with.