November 10th recap All Access

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Here's what we announced

People People makes it easy to centralize your contacts and stay up-to-date with your church community. Free for every church of every size.

Apps Profiles’s Church App allows users and admins to create personalized profiles with a profile image, contact information, and view giving history, which will personalize your connection with your church community.

Worship App

With Worship, your team members can effortlessly play together from the same sheet music.


Introducing keywords for Messaging. Now, people can text a keyword to your church's unique 800 number to be added to a list. This makes it easy for them to sign up for events, like baptisms, or for you to gather contact information from visitors.


We introduced several new features for Giving, including processing refunds, transaction summaries, new search filters, and the ability to allocate scanned checks to specific funds.