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The platform just keeps getting better. We are constantly working to expand our platform with the features your church needs.

What people are saying

Sean Gajda
“Just when I thought I couldn’t get more excited.”
Sh Shawye
“The updates are amazing. Can’t wait to share with our team.”
Kelvin Johnson
“That’s a subway sandwich y’all **talking about Messaging pricing**”
Northridge Church
“This is the best launch event I have ever watched! I can’t wait to try Messaging and the check scanner.”
Pasadena OPC
“Ok, this is cool. Bye bye Mailchimp.”
Julia from Boston
“ grew our giving by 25%...”
Consuelo Crespo
“​I’m getting all of my friends on today. All of these updates, I am on your team.”
Brennan Doud
“This may be the nail in the coffin for Subsplash, Planning Center, MailChimp, and Text-In-Church for us.”
“You have taken this to the next level, which is totally great! I’m glad to be a part of this!”
Pastor John 

Thompson Jr.
Dennis Bachman
“Yes!! I've been requesting this functionality for some time and am excited to see this update! Very cool!!”
Julia from Boston
“ grew our giving by 25%...”