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The Secret to Running a Successful Capital Campaign at Your Church

Learn how to raise funds for big projects in your church.

The Secret to Running a Successful Capital Campaign at Your Church

Dean Sweetman

We've established the premise that generosity and giving is right throughout the Bible, and that really it's God's way of helping us put God first because giving is all about the first, but I want to talk a little bit about raising funds for land and buildings.

Now, this might not be pertinent to everybody, but at some point in the life of the church, you're to want to raise money, a capital campaign of some description to do something big.

If you're not, I encourage you to think about it. And it's something that I think really grows a church. On the whole, when you set a goal, we're going to raise X amount of money, we're going to buy this land, we're going to build this building, I think it's great for a church.

T many, many great passages that talk about giving and building, I wantto go back to Exodus chapter 36. Moses summonmed these guys, who I cannot even pronounce their name, and we're in verse one through seven, and the skilled people whom the Lord are given the ability, they came to do the work, so there's the worker guys, that are actually doing the building, and they received from Moses all the offerings of the Israelites they had brought to carry out the work constructing the sanctuary. So great text about building buildings and I don't know what your philosophy is on a church building. Maybe you like renting your school, maybe you've got a hundred year old building, whatever it is. I personally think, and I think the Bible is clear, that we should take land, and I think God's into taking land. And when a church is in a rented school hole and they go and buy a piece of property, I think that's the great moment in the life of that church.

It establishes permanency, financial stability, trust in the community. Buying land is... even putting a sign up saying, church home coming soon, I think that sends a great message to the community that you're trying to reach. So they received all these offerings from the people to construct a sanctuary and the people continued to bring freewill offerings morning after morning. Okay, you can read the rest, you probably know the rest. Here's the spirit of the text; when a vision is put in front of the people, their heart was so moved that they almost to the point was like, no more, we've got enough. Hey church leader, how many of you would like to have that problem, where literally, you've got too much for your project. How does that happen? How did it get from taking an offering to having to stop the offering because there was too much? I think it's all about the culture of generosity. And so the context is, we're building buildings here, but there's an underlying understanding is, there's a group of people that were so excited about the project that they literally had to be stopped from giving.

So you know that tells me? People love giving to projects, and they do. There's the week in, week out I'm going to commit to give. Maybe it's a tithe, maybe it's another amount. I need to give consistently because I believe that's what I should be doing as a New Testament Christian. But then above and beyond that consistent generosity that I do to grow and build and make sure my local church is healthy from a financial standpoint, is I want to get behind a vision and let me say this to you, church leader, there's nothing more profound in the life of a believer and motivating, when they get behind the vision of land and buildings or big projects. There's something spiritual in the idea of coming together as a church community and doing something bold, putting a stake in the ground and saying, hey, we're going to go for this.

And managing that process is probably a talk for another day but I think hearing from God on big projects and then putting that vision out in front of your members is absolutely critical to their growth and the church's growth. Not just the physical growth of the church but the spiritual growth of the church. Because what you're trying to do as a church leader, we're teaching our people and we're motivating them in this area of generosity. So it strengthens them, it puts the church in a very financial sound position, and then you can grow together as a congregation and ultimately affect your community in a more powerful way. So I think the underlying... This is great foundational verses to teach about a project, but I think that the concept is very, very true. People give to vision, to the point in this context, where they're just overdoing it. And I've seen it time and time and time again, when when people are drawn around a God given, bold vision, people rise to it and it's not about the amount, but a lot of times it's about the equal sacrifice that's involved in these kinds of projects.

So people are going to give different amounts according to their ability, but you kind of want this equal sacrifice that's kind of baked into this whole idea of, we're stepping out, we're going to buy this land, we're going to build this building, we're going to expand the sanctuary, we're going to do whatever this project, it's going to cost a million, five million, whatever it is, hey, let's all get involved. And the spirit of a vision like that elevates people and puts them in this position where they've got to pray through, they've got to question their motives with what they're doing with their finances, the priorities of how they're spending their money. Could they give up Starbucks to give 500 or a thousand dollars a year to a project that you're doing. Of course, they can. All they need is to be motivated and challenged to do that and most of the time they will.

So great text, many others about building, great, we should always be building as a church but also underlying the sense of elevated focus on different projects, and that can be things from buying new chairs for the sanctuary or even small things, motivating people to give to a certain thing is very powerful and it works so don't be afraid to put bold projects out in front of the church because most of the time people rise up and they give.

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Today on Modern Church Leader, CEO Dean Sweetman explains how to raise funds for big projects in your church.

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The Secret to Running a Successful Capital Campaign at Your Church