End of Year Giving Email Template for Your Church

This end of year fundraising email template is perfect for churches and ministries. Send it in December and raise more funds!

End of Year Giving Email Template for Your Church

We recently talked about boosting giving at your church using this one simple method, but we didn't provide an example or a concrete way for you to take our tip and put it into action.

So this is us changing our ways and offering up a great end of year fundraising template email for your church newsletter.

Feel free to copy the below and modify it to you liking.

The key, connect with your members, remind them of what God is doing through their church, and ask them to contribute to the continued vision!

Happy fundraising!

End of Year Fundraising Template Email for Your Church

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SUBJECT: As we close out the year …

Hi, Member Name Here --

As this year winds to a close, I simply wanted to shoot you a quick email to remind you of three cool things that happened at our church this year. These are directly related to the investment which our people have made in the mission; so, you’ve got a big part in this.

  • The student ministry continues to grow on Wednesday night. This fall, we had more kids out for these events than we’ve had in a long time. It’s exciting to see so many young people connecting with the message of Jesus!

  • Our Christmas Eve services made a real impact. After this year’s services, I received several phone calls, texts and emails from people telling me about the huge difference it made in their lives. I’m thankful that God is using our ministry to impact all kinds of people!

  • Remember, in the summertime when we had that mission trip to Mexico? I am extremely proud that we’re the sort of church that looks beyond ourselves to spread love far, past the four walls of our church services!

Thank you. Thank you for being a part of what God is doing through our church. Your giving to our ministry this year has made all the difference!

As we come into these last few hours of the year, I’m wondering if you’d be willing to make a final gift to the mission of our church? We rely on faithful giving from people like you, and your gift today would help us start next year off strong. It would be our honor if you could give a gift as we ring in the New Year!

[Click here to give online now.]

Link to your giving page / online giving form

Thank you for your generosity. It really means a lot to us.

The best is yet to come!

Pastor Name Here

P.S. All gifts given to our church, whether given online or dropped in mail before the end of December 31st, are 100% tax-deductible.

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Editors note: This template was provided by the great people at Unseminary. Read more about end of year giving emails for churches here.

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Be sure to leave a comment below if you have any suggestions or have used end of year emails before!


End of Year Giving Email Template for Your Church