Health and Growth Wordpress Themes for your Church Website!

It is vitally important to the growth and sustainability of your church to have a well designed and effective website. Wordpress Themes for your Church Website!

A church’s website is the digital front door to the church.

It is said that more than 80% of people looking for a church will check out the website first, before deciding whether to visit in person.

If someone visits your church website right now, will they be impressed? Will they have the information they need to make a decision to come to church? Will the impression they get from looking at your website match up with the experience they have when they visit?

It is vitally important to the growth and sustainability of your church to have a well designed and effective website.

‍Maranatha Church Wordpress Theme from
‍Maranatha Church Wordpress Theme from

That is why we are so excited about the website themes our friends at have built. provides affordable, flexible, and beautiful Wordpress themes for church websites.

Their designs are fully customizable and come feature packed with everything your church needs to be on the forefront of digital innovation. mobile first Wordpress themes come packed with features. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Audio and video sermons
  • Podcasts
  • Event calendar
  • Multiple location management
  • Photo galleries
  • Staff profiles
  • … and so much more.

You can even get your website up and running with online giving in seconds.


The data shows, having an easy to use online giving solution is vital to your church’s financial future.

Create an optimized and beautiful giving page, or add a giving button anywhere on the site, and start accepting donations right away! has even created a handy guide for integrating into your website, and styling it to match your theme.

👉 Using’s Online Giving with WordPress

Stop the Pain

We all know building and maintaining a church website can be difficult. Especially if you’re relying on volunteer staff or ministry staff that tends to the website as part of their role, but isn’t their primary focus.

It can be a painful and challenging situation.

That’s why having church website theme built on Wordpress with a theme from makes sense. They package all the core features a church needs into a simple to install package and then make it super simple to manage.

You get the power of Wordpress with the simplicity of Squarespace! What?!?!!

Making it Easy

ChurchThemes allows you to get a build a very good website on Wordpress that’s easy to update and low cost.

  • No coding or design skill necessary
  • Step-by-step Guides
  • Sample content to get you started
  • One-on-one support by email
  • One-click theme updates for improvements

Getting Started

Getting started with a Wordpress theme from is easy and super affordable. For $99 you can have a new church website with all the modern features you need. Plus they offer full support, and a money back guarantee.

It’s time you upgraded your church website. Get your own fully-featured church website with

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