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Why Your Church Should Be Using Text-to-Give: 4 Underrated Benefits for Churches

Learn the 4 reasons why your church should be an early adopter of the text-to-give fundraising method.

Why Your Church Should Be Using Text-to-Give: 4 Underrated Benefits for Churches

Frank Barry

Even though text-to-give has been out for a handful of years, we still find a lot of churches asking, “Do I need this to be part of my giving? Isn’t passing around the basket for cash and checks, or encouraging people to use our website enough?” 

Don’t get me wrong.

Those methods of giving are tried and true.

But here at, we want to give you four reasons why text-to-give could actually increase the number of people giving at your church and the amount they’re giving

1. Everyone already knows how to text

The first reason to use text-to-give is that everyone with a smartphone is familiar with texting. We love texting because it's easy, it's fast and it gets the job done. Think of the last time you left a text unread. 

We love texting because it’s familiar, intuitive, and it doesn’t require us to learn something new. This means that anyone who texts, can give, and give easily without being required to learn a new skill. 

2. Text-to-give is the fastest way to give 

The second reason you should use text-to-give is that its hands down the fastest way to give. Once you have an account set up with a texting service like ours, all you need to do is enter a number. 

It’s really that simple. 

I could type in “50” and hit send, and within a couple of seconds I’d receive a message back that says, “thanks for giving.” No other method is that responsive. Even better, our text-to-give service allows you to quickly customize where you give. You could type things like “$100 missions” or “$500 building fund” and your gift would be designated to that specific fund. Finally, you can use text-to-give to even set up recurring gifts. The speed and simplicity of the service could be what gets someone over the hump to actually begin to give. 

3. Text-to-give connects your church to a younger generation 

The third reason you should use text-to-give is that text messaging and text giving are a great way to connect with a younger generation. A couple of years ago, we were able to connect with a church in Singapore that was launching text-to-give in their service. We understood as soon as we walked into their service and experienced 3000 millennials worshipping God. 

It was incredible to see that many young people were so excited about God, yet it was even more incredible to witness the Sunday they launched text-to-give they immediately had 90% of their giving happen via text message. Text giving is, therefore, a great way to connect with the younger generation. 

4. Text-to-give opens up a powerful channel of communication with your church 

Finally, the fourth reason you should be using text-to-give is that it's the beginning of a two way communication. If someone gives via text, your church’s number is now stored in their phone, and you now can easily use their number to communicate via text about upcoming events, services, and ways to serve in your community. 

Unlike other methods of giving, text-to-give opens up an easy and intuitive two way communication channel that is even more effective than email or push notifications because of how often we text. 


Text-to-give is an incredibly powerful service we think every church should be using because it’s easy, it’s fast, it connects you to a younger generation, and it opens a powerful way to communicate with your givers. 

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Today on Modern Church Leader, COO Frank Barry explains the 4 reasons why your church should be an early adopter of the text-to-give fundraising method.

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Why Your Church Should Be Using Text-to-Give: 4 Underrated Benefits for Churches