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5 Expert Tips on Getting Your Church to Try (and Love) Mobile Giving

Here are five tips on getting your church to try mobile giving.

5 Expert Tips on Getting Your Church to Try (and Love) Mobile Giving

Smartphones are everywhere! More than two-thirds of Americans own one and this number is only going to climb.

The use of smartphones has already made a significant impact on how people bank and give. As a church leader, this is a big trend you need to be aware of.

Now, the sky isn’t necessarily falling, but if your church doesn’t offer a mobile giving solution or if the members of your church do not use mobile giving, then you are missing out on a huge opportunity.

To help you along the way, here are four tips on getting your church to try mobile giving.

#1. Explain Mobile Giving

Most people in your church will be familiar with mobile giving. But some members of your church will not be.

Take the time to explain how mobile giving works by showing a few slides, recording it being done, or even demoing it live during the announcements portion of your service.

Introducing it to your congregation this way will produce trust and confidence while also overcoming common issues that people have, such as church security and difficulty.

Informing your congregation will go a long way in leading them to embrace mobile giving.

#2. Promote Mobile Giving

You don’t have to make consistent “hard sales” encouraging people to sign up, but creating awareness by including mobile giving as an option to consider during your church’s offering is a very important part of getting people to try and use the new giving option.

You should also include a mention of mobile giving in your church’s bulletin and on your church website (you would be surprised at how many churches forget this).

The idea is to remind your congregation of the multiple ways they can give. This way, when they are ready to use mobile giving, then they will know how.

#3. Demonstrate Mobile Giving

Take a few moments during your church’s offering or announcements to demonstrate the ease of mobile giving. Before you do this, make sure to practice ahead of time. This way you can walk seamlessly through the demonstration without any hiccups or technical difficulties.

Also, consider having someone who does not currently use mobile giving join you on stage to make the moment more conversational. You can walk him or her through the process right in front of the entire congregation. Doing this helps people put themselves in the shoes of the person on stage being taught. Just make sure not to announce his or her banking information with everyone in attendance!

#4. Take a Mobile Giving Only Offering

To help more people adopt mobile giving, consider coordinating a one-time or short-term giving campaign exclusively through mobile giving. Your goal with this strategy is to encourage people to sign up. So, make the barrier to entry low, such as a $1 to $5 offering. This will help people to feel more inclined to give.

#5. Share a Mobile Giving Testimony

Often times, people need to be reminded why they give while also being inspired by what God does with their their giving. This can be accomplished beautifully by including live or recorded testimonies during your worship worship service.

Be sure to incorporate two types of powerful giving testimonies:

  1. Testimonies that highlight people and families who have been blessed by the church’s generosity and faithful giving has. Hearing how your giving has impacted others encourages benevolence.
  2. Testimonies by people who have been blessed by becoming regular givers (and preferably done it by using mobile giving along the way). Seeing examples of others who have been blessed through acts of generosity encourages more generosity.

How have you encouraged your church to use mobile giving? Share what you have learned in the comments!


5 Expert Tips on Getting Your Church to Try (and Love) Mobile Giving